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1. You agree to actually read this user agreement instead of skimming or skipping it.

2. You understand that you are responsible and accountable for all of your interactions on the forum and its associated sites (SoapSaver, the archives, etc.).

3. You commit to being a productive part of our community. Robust discussion is very much a part of this forum, and we expect members to make choices according to their own comfort level when posting or responding with information that may be sensitive. You understand that questioning or disagreement of one�s beliefs or opinions does not constitute a threat or personal attack. Disagreement should be made in a civil manner.

4. The administrator and moderators are volunteers. Your complaint or problem will be resolved as soon as we are able to do so.

5. The moderator team has sole discretion in interpreting and enforcing the user agreement. You agree that the administrator and moderators of this forum have the right to remove, edit, move or close any topic, post, or signature at any time should they see fit.

6. If you feel that a thread, post, or member is in violation of the User Agreement, please notify the Moderator Team by private message. Please include a link.

7. You agree not to post any material that is threatening, invasive of another person's privacy, libelous, or illegal. You agree that you will not harass any individual or group of individuals on or off the forum. Using the resources of The Dish to harass or threaten members over the internet or in real life will result in banishment from the forum, and the behavior will be reported to ISPs when appropriate.

8. You understand that all moderation is done privately and should remain private. Complaints about moderators, moderation, or interpretation of the User Agreement will be deleted and may be replaced with content of the moderator's choice.

9. Farewell threads are not allowed. If you are taking a hiatus for personal reasons and wish to let people know where you are going, contact the moderator team. In some situations they will grant permission for such threads.

10. Mass deletion of posts is prohibited, and will result in the inactivation of your membership.

11. Supplier Complaints: You agree to post any reports of negative experiences with suppliers within our specific guidelines. Complaints submitted in any other format will be deleted. Guidelines for proper submission of a negative experience with a supplier are in the Help section. If you're unsure if your submission is acceptable, feel free to contact the Moderator Team.

12. SoapSaver is our online auction site, at which you will be allowed to buy, sell, and trade. Before you register at the SoapSaver site, make sure you triple-check the criteria for participation and make sure you meet all of them. SoapSaver registrations are manually processed by the administrator, so please be considerate of her time. You agree to be bound by this user agreement and the terms & conditions for SoapSaver in all transactions.

13. You may not sell or buy any item(s) outside of the SoapSaver site at the The Dish Forum. You may advertise items for sale at SoapSaver in your The Dish Forum signature; otherwise you may not advertise item(s) which are for sale at other sites or outside of SoapSaver. You may not start threads advertising Soap Saver auctions in the forums. An exception is made for suppliers as explained below. An exception is also made in the case of a non-auction web site at which you sell items handmade by you, be it your own web site or an Etsy store. You may post a link to a non-auction site at which you sell items handmade by you in your signature, provided it follows the other rules specified for signatures. Threads started to solicit sales or purchase of items, even on Soap Saver, are prohibited.

Note that there are additional rules regarding co-ops. Refer to the Co-op Resource Center for more information.

14. If you are a supplier, you may post advertisements, announcements of sales or new products, and any other promotional information in the Weekly Suppliers' News thread, which is located in the Marketplace section. Each week a thread will be started by a moderator specifically for these types of posts. If you are a supplier, please limit your promotional posts to this thread only; you can also advertise official sales in your signature, provided you follow all other rules pertaining to signatures. Otherwise you are invited to participate in the rest of the forum as any regular member would. If you are unclear whether or not you are considered a supplier by the The Dish Forum, check with the Moderator Team.

15. If you sell information you find on this site without the direct permission of the owner and every person who originally posted it, you may be immediately and permanently banned. The information posted to this forum is the intellectual property of the person who posts it, unless otherwise noted. You need to get permission from the original poster before reproducing information found here on another web site, via email, in print, etc. as well.

16. You agree to limit your signature to no larger than the following: 450 pixels long, 75 pixels tall, 35 kb (file size) for graphics or combinations of graphics; Six (6) lines of text for signatures without graphics, and one (1) line of text for signatures with graphics. Lines of text limits assume that text is the default forum size. Lines of text allowed at smaller and larger sizes than the forum default are at the discretion of the moderator team.

17. Hot linking: Images posted at the The Dish Forum must be hosted on the members webspace, unless they are images from sites that allow hotlinking of their images. Hotlinked images will be removed.

18. Charity posts: We regret that we cannot allow posts that solicit donations to charities. You may post a link to charity sites in your signature, but no posts soliciting money or other donations to charity are allowed.

19. Usernames: One user name per member. No aliases, no user names utilized by multiple members. These will be inactivated, and may be provided with custom titles chosen by the moderator team. The same rule applies to banned members returning under new user names. Note: Secret Pal User Names are allowed, as long as they aren't otherwise a problem.

20. You understand that your IP address, your posts, and other information you enter is stored in a database and in local back-ups. While this information will not intentionally be disclosed to any third party without your consent, the administrator and moderators cannot be held responsible for any hacking attempt or technical problem that may lead to the data being compromised. This system uses cookies, which are not harmful to your computer, and which enhance your browsing experience.

21. You recognize that while the administrators and moderators of this forum will attempt to remove or edit any material contrary to these terms and conditions as quickly as possible, it is impossible to review every message. Therefore you acknowledge that all posts made to these forums express the views and opinions of the author and not the administrator, moderators or webmaster (except for posts by these people) and hence will not be held liable. Likewise, you recognize that the The Dish Forum administrator and moderators make no warranties about the accuracy or usefulness of any information posted on this forum or its associated sites.

22. Aggravation of the moderators or administrators may result in a custom title for up to 90 days. Posts that require moderation may be replaced with content of the moderator's choice. Quoting the User Agreement to other members and especially moderators is particularly unwelcome and likely to result in moderation. We wrote the User Agreement, and have the final say in how it's applied.

23. You affirm that you are at least 16 years of age.

By proceeding with your registration, you recognize and accept your responsibilities as a The Dish Forum member, and agree to be bound to the terms of this user agreement.